November and December! :)
(Sorry that I’m Miss Tardy to the Party, this is so late)
November: if I changed my name, what would it be
Possibly something one-syllable, since for some reason I’ve never had a shortened nickname (of my full name, Christina) stick, even though there are lots of viable options. But I like multisyllabic ones, too. I’ve always liked the names Allegra and Petra- even before I watched SnK. :)
December: random fact about me :)
I’ll go with a name-related one, on that note. So for those unfamiliar with Christianity, Jesus was born on Christmas Day (December 25th) to parents Mary and Joseph.
My birthday is December 24th and my parents are named Mary and Joseph. I’m named after the holiday/Jesus.
Sooo I have a lot in common with Jesus, which is pretty cool! :D
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